ICFJ #046 – Picks of 2015, including Dempagumi.inc, Passepied and more!

On ICFJ#046, Daniel and Asuka look back at their musical highlights of 2015, with a playlist that includes Dempagumi.inc (Dempari Night), Looprider (Kill La), HAJIMETAL (GIRI GAL), VooDoo Hawaiians (Ame No Hi No Parade), BO-PEEP (YOU&I) and Passepied (Ura No Ura).

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Alodia’s Birthday Bash 2014 – Charity Party in Baranggay Loyo

March 9 2014. Thank you to everyone who joined my Birthday Charity Party this year in Baranggay Loyo, Samar! 🙂 In collaboration with Balik Dagat and BeAcause for the victims of the Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan. It was such a heartwarming experience! Thank you to my family, dad, mom, sis Ashley, Eric, Uncle Rolly and friends for helping making this happen! 😀 ABS-CBN and awesome performers for supporting and helping out with the program! My sponsors and partners for supporting me thus making this possible!

Video by Perry Amoylen
“Kawaii Girl” by Alodia, Tofubeats, Dempagumi
“Kawaii Girl” on iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/ph/artist/marble-wonderland/id684586261