ICFJ #031 – Tokyo Boot Up, Noodles, Shonen Knife, Electric Eel Shock, Dempagumi.inc and more

ICFJ#031’s playlist includes Hamada Maron (Taikutsuna Yoru Wa Boogie Wo), Lighter190E (Pandora), Suzu (Usotsuki), Yuuno (Galileo), Electric Eel Shock (MMMBop), SpecialThanks (Getting On), Fuyuu Suru Neko (Daruke), Dempagumi.inc (Vandalism) and Shonen Knife (Sweet Christmas), plus a report from Tokyo Boot Up festival including interviews with Noodles, Bugy Craxone, Josy, Lighter190E, Fuyuu Suru Neko and Yuuno. Also! Win some Christmassy stuff, hear Daniel and Asuka’s best music and favourite memories of 2013 and all the usual chitter and chatter. And chotter? No, that would be going too far.

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